Rugby. 1951: Carmaux champion, and the shield did not leave the Tarn…

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Alain Rey, Bernard Rey and Claude Rey have retraced in a book the history of the US Carmaux, whose main claim to fame was to be champion in 1951. Successor… to the CO.

We are in 1951. During the two previous seasons, the Olympic Castres had been crowned champion of France, respectively against Mont-de-Marsan and Racing at the Ponts-Jumeaux stadium in Toulouse. And a few days before the final, CO captain Jean Matheu split in La Dépêche with this premonitory sentence: “The shield will not leave the Tarn. “A form of unwavering support for the Tarn neighbor, the US Carmaux which is heading for Toulouse to find Tarbes there. And it is for the first time in the Stadium of Toulouse filled with 40,000 spectators! Carmaux won 14-12 (after extra time) against the Stado, with all the points scored by Lisou Aué (one try, one conversion and three penalties). This is how the name of US Carmaux was engraved below Castres Olympique. 71 years later, it is, this time, all the supporters of Carmaux who will push behind the CO.
Ironically, the beautiful story of Carmaux has just been told to us a few weeks ago in a book entitled “Carmaux, the epic of shields”. A 5-star book like so many shields of Brennus; 1951 (1st division), 1972 (2nd division), 1991 (juniors), 1995 (3rd division) and 1996 (juniors). Alain Rey, current chairman of the Tarn committee, Bernard Rey and Claude Rey have worked as journalists, historians and librarians to maintain the memory of these wonderful adventures. Nothing is missing in this historical dive: from the reminder of the social history of the city to the biography of the players (Gaëlle Hermet) trained at the US Carmaux.

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