Rugby: a memorable end to the season for the Entente

This month of June will have its place in the rich history of the Entente Vendres/Lespignan/Sauvian XV. For the 20th anniversary of their big tournament, the Arlequins welcomed nearly 1,200 children on the grounds of the three villages. It was a successful party in which local players performed well in several categories.

At the same time, the youngest of the Biterrois gathering, with several former club players, won the national title in Grenoble against Millau.

Finally, the cadets and juniors won their Ligue 1 Occitanie semi-final. Two teams from the same club in the final at this level, we had never seen that. The training at the heart of the project is a reality in an amateur club which is proud to take its young people to the flag team. Unfortunately for the cadets, a point of regulation which may seem absurd but very real, did not allow them to defend their chances in the final. Beaten on the ground, it was the Toulouse university club which disputed it and won. A heartbreak for the whole club, disappointed but also proud of the course of their team. For this lack of vigilance, the Entente has sincerely apologized. The party still took place because the juniors of Thierry Fransino, Lionel Chavernac, Jean-Laurent Arvieu, Lionel Galibert and Fafa brilliantly won the title at the expense of Argelès-Gazost with a score of 22 to 10. The story is beautiful for this staff of enthusiasts who will “go up” to seniors next season.

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