Rugby: a young Valencian champion of France

The educators of the Valencian Future can be proud, their work paid. When you think of the two world champions Gauthier Maravat and Loïc Hoquet, and now two other former students of this rugby school shine. Both won the title of champion of France in their category and in their current club, Carla Rachail whose career we will report on soon and Timéo Gayral who currently wears the jersey of S. U Agen and who won the title of champion of France in cadets Gauderman at the Stade de France against Massy as a curtain raiser to the grand final of the Top 14 Montpellier-Castres. The young Valencian and his parents Jean-Louis and Marie are very proud of this title. Timéo, after starting rugby at the Avenir valencien at the age of 5, has progressed to all categories, from chicks to under 14s. The educators of the “sky and white” club can be legitimately satisfied with the success of one of their foals, the last two who trained him were Christian Chinonis and Philippe Tonnelé.

The young champion is not about to forget this great adventure in the temple of French rugby. “This season went superbly well for me, I played all the time, I only had to go out for 10 minutes during the championship. Coming to the stadium for the final, it’s impressive outside but when you enter the pitch it makes you dizzy.”

As for the match itself, in the first half in the rain, Timéo and his teammates had made a lot of mistakes but in the second period everything was better, recalls the young champion. “We were able to put our game in place, we were able to send some play and I was able to score the try which allowed us to come back. At the final whistle, we exploded with joy. This title of champion capsized. It was wonderful. It’s now been a month since the final took place and it’s still hard to believe in this title and the shield that Bernard Laporte gave us.”

A great adventure for the young Valencian who was coached by a former Valencian player, David Tastet, and who is now preparing to play in the top category “Alamarcery”.

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