RUGBY. AMATEUR. Catalans and Béarnais will face each other in the final of Federal 3

It’s not just the Top 14 in life! Amateur clubs also continue their final stages. Like the Federal 3 which gave its verdict on the poster for next Sunday’s final. The agreement of Torreilles-Canet-Ste-Marie in Roussillon, will face another agreement. That of Béarn de Ger-Séron-Bédeille (note that Seron is located in the Hautes-Pyrénées enclave in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department).

The Salanquais, winners of the Héraultais of Palavas-Lunel 24 to 22 thanks to a try in the last minutes by the winger Sanchez, concretize a rich season by going to the final. The Béarnais, they took advantage of fate against Servian-Boujan. A vulnerability of the latter, dying on the bar, will give qualification to their opponents. Final score from 14 to 13.

It is therefore a Catalan-Béarnaise final that will materialize this season of Federal 3 next Sunday.

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