Rugby. CS Beaune evaluated in National 2 with Stade Dijon

The 2022-2023 season will be that of a new era at the level of the national championships. With in particular the creation of the National 2, which comes to be inserted between the National and the Federal 1.

A new division in which CS Beaune will finally participate, initially planned in Federal 1 with CS Nuits. Finally, the club of President Goichot will rub shoulders with Stade Dijonnais – relegated from National – or even Mâcon.

To overcome the refusal to go up from Pamiers, the French Rugby Federation has launched a call for candidates to replace the Occitans. Call to which CS Beaune responded, before being finally chosen by the authorities.

The CSB – ninth in Fédérale 1 in 2021-2022 – responded to the specifications of the FFR, with in particular its rugby school, its youth teams, its hopes, the labeling of its training center, the professional contracts of its players, the diplomas of its supervisors, or the number of licensed referees within the structure.

“We had thought about it, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly”, assures the manager of Beaune, Hugh Chlamers. It’s a huge chance for the club, it’s a big surprise, “says the technician, who had already” built a team to play the rise in National 2. We will therefore be a year ahead, it’s a luck,” he rejoices.

The National 2 will be composed of two pools of twelve teams, probably geographically distributed (East and West).

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