Rugby: ESBR officials take stock of the broadcast season

The Entente Servian-Boujan Rugby held its general meeting in the presence of Christophe Thomas and Gérard Abella, mayors of Servian and Boujan, and Henri Cabanel, senator.

The presidents of the club, Max Santa and Stéphan Montariol, spoke successively. They expressed their great satisfaction at having achieved their goal: to move up to Federal 2, not to mention the very good results obtained in the under-19s and at the rugby school.

The women’s team won the Hérault, the Orange challenge. She ranks 4th National ahead of Béziers and Montpellier.

From the start of the school year, a new coach will be recruited with a state certificate, and two BPJPS in the but to extend the internships in schools to other municipalities.

The ESBR has nearly 300 players, 10 coaches, 30 educators and 70 volunteer leaders. Julien Vidot, coach for three years of the Squadra team (Reserve 2), is happy to welcome Florian Cartez, Franck Teyssier, Adrien Aguilera and Jean-Mathieu Cabrol. A black point has been noted: the behavior of players in buses when traveling. A strict call for discipline has been issued.

The rugby school has 176 children including 25 babies (number capped). She won the Servian tournament.

Didier Brodin, active member since 1967, Jean-Paul Sepulveda, Abrach Idrissi and Christophe Flamand, have decided to take a step back.

They were rewarded for their involvement. Raphaël Vieira goes up to Federal 3 as a referee.

Training will resume monday august 1st.

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