Rugby/Honneur: in Sévignacq, the green and white tide ready to break

But what would a sports team be without its enthusiastic, passionate and sometimes excessive supporters? These stalwarts of their team aren’t proficient at far moves and squealing returns in defeats. In Sévignacq, they are always present, with their good humor, flanked by green and white colors without forgetting the Bearn flag. They don’t go unnoticed with the mascot worn by Cyril, the megaphone, with Valentin, Kalvin, Florian or Benjamin, tireless cheeky cheekers.

The 16th man present

Joy, sharing, the support of the pennant team and the celebration of victory are the leitmotifs of the Sevignacque supporters. With three successive accessions: Promotion Honor, Honor and now the Federal 3, the 16th Green and White man has only grown, recalling the glorious years of the ESVG in Federal 3 then in Federal 2.

We could also say 16th woman since they are very present with, recently, a successful women’s team. The enthusiasm caused by the celebration of the centenary of the club at the beginning of September adds to the excitement of these final stages. It doesn’t matter if you have to go to Servian (Béziers) or Rion-des-Landes, the Sévignacquais supporters are there.

This Sunday, June 26, the trip for the final will be in Saverdun, in Ariège. To date, five cars are planned, with a monumental picnic planned in front of the stadium. All will push behind the Gars du Gabas to delight the piece of wood promised to the Sète favorites. Let the Ariège refreshment bar be ready, it’s coming…

Vincent Ortoli

Vincent Ortoli

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