RUGBY. In Toulon, the unusual color of training shirts leaves supporters perplexed

Top 14/Pro D2. The program of friendly matches for the summer of 2022: only one match for ToulouseIt’s already the recovery for the Top 14 clubs. Barely time to breathe after the end of the season that it is already necessary to sweat profusely under the heat wave. On the Toulon side, the return to training took place this Wednesday at the RCT Campus. Training open to the public during which supporters were surprised to see the players training in rather unusual colors on July 14. Indeed, no red on the outfits of the Toulonnais but turquoise. We know that these are only training shirts. But if we look closer, we can also see that the RCT logo on the shot was neither red nor black. What to wonder about the future jersey of the Toulon Rugby club.

Are we going to be entitled to a big surprise? Note that the club’s usual colors were present during training on July 13.

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