Rugby: juniors engaged in the national championship

The Entente Vendres-Lespignan-Sauvian XV held its general meeting a few days ago at the André-Laden stadium. The opportunity to take stock of a last rich season, with in particular the title of the juniors, while projecting on 2022-2023. After the assessments, Jérôme Cazalèdes, co-president of the club, wanted to highlight the Arlequins rugby school, the cadets and the juniors who recorded excellent results.

The Agreement has also decided to go a little further in this direction from next season. The juniors will thus be evaluated in the national category, i.e. the second French level. A great development for these young people who will be supervised by Fabrice Estaque and Jérémy Gineste as coaches, Guylaine Tricoit in administration and Lionel Chavernac who will make the link between this training and the seniors. This promotion should also benefit the first team in the near future, with young people who will be better prepared to cross the course of the seniors.

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