Rugby / Last training for SU Agen cadets: “Treat yourself! »

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This afternoon, the Gaudermen cadets of the SUA had a last meeting before their departure for Paris. The opportunity to repeat game launches.

To see the cadets of SU Agen, it does not look like they are preparing to contest a final of the French championship. Relaxation reigns in the ranks of the partners at Medhi Narjissi. And it was felt yesterday afternoon, as confirmed by Gilles Cochis, manager of the SUA. “At that age, I don’t think they happen counts. They are excited, but they really realize when we get to the stadium.

“It was clean and serious”

Yesterday, at the beginning of the afternoon, the players met at the Armandie training center. Gathered in a small room, they listened to their coaches, discussing the tactics to adopt for this match, but above all the good behavior to have. “Have no doubts about your quality. Trust yourself. Approach this match like the others, ”underlines Jean-Luc Le Roux, the forwards coach, quickly supported by David Tastet, the three-quarter coach. “You deserve to be here today, but you haven’t won anything yet. We have to go back down and get on Massy to get the title”.

After this first speech, in the privacy of the locker room, the players headed for the annex of the Armandie stadium, where they rehearsed their ranges one last time. The training took a classic turn, with a short warm-up orchestrated by Captain Narjissi. This was followed by a 12 versus 12 opposition, where the object of the game was to make the ball as much as possible. “We’re sticking with the idea of ​​playing games. It’s always been good news for us, so we want to continue with that. We want to stay on what we know how to do, so as not to have any regrets at the end of the match, ”says Gilles Cochis.

After this short half-hour of warm-up, the young Agenais proceeded to a life-size set-up. Kick-off receptions, camp exits, throw-ins… Several combinations have been revised. And a great concentration emerged from the group. Moreover, at the end of this hour of training, the coaches did not hesitate to congratulate their proteges, like Gilles Cochis. “It was clean, and serious. We remain in this state of mind. Treat yourself and above all, we don’t change anything, we send the game “. A feeling shared by David Tastet. “The risk tomorrow is to change car, it doesn’t work at the start. Stick to your game patterns.

At some point, it will pass!” “We keep this collective confidence, we encourage each other, that’s the most important thing”, concluded Jean-Luc Leroux. Before letting go, the Lot-et-Garonnais launched a final “Agen”. Tomorrow, they will have the opportunity to mark their history.

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