Rugby: look back at the climbs that have marked the history of the LSA

In 1995, the Rugby Club Régional Cassagnol and the Rugby Club Réquistanais merged. Five years later, it was the turn of the rugby school of Luc-Primaube XV to merge with the Rugby Club Réquista-Cassagnes. In 2000, all the rugby forces of the territory are now united under a single banner, that of Lévézou Ségala Aveyron XV.

By structuring itself in this way, the club will quickly reach a new level. First, he will settle firmly at the honor level, the highest regional level, for three seasons. But it is in 2004 that LSA XV will switch to the national divisions that it has never left. With an accession to Federal 3 then another to Federal 2, the fourth level of the French level with a semi-final lost against Chartres between regrets and satisfaction. All these memories will be evoked during the 50th anniversary on June 26 in person and with the family.

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