RUGBY. Maxime Médard retains a ”bitter” taste from his last season at Stade Toulousain

If he says he’s leaving behind a career”without regret and without resentment“, Maxime Médard imagined delivered a more mixed feeling on his very end of career. To pay Rugbyrama, the former Stade Toulousain player evokes a last season with a bitter taste. At first hesitant, according to our colleague, on the “taste (that he) will leave (his) last season“In the reds and blacks, he says:”If I speak my mind, as I have always done, it is a little bitter. But I prefer to keep the good memories. I achieved the career I wanted, with no regrets and no hard feelings.” Then, he develops his feeling by detailing the fears that may have crossed his mind: “But for the end, you can make lots of scenarios. There may be the injury, the club’s complicated season, poor performances… Well, I had the chance to play my last match against Biarritz. The rest was difficult. But I accept and above all I needed to move on, to move on.

TOP 14. Maxime Medard. ”This is the last witness of the Guy Novès era”

For his last exercise in the Stade Toulousain jersey, he walked the meadow 20 times. Among the latter, he has had 15 starts in all seasons. During his club career, he wore the colors of the Ville Rose 367 times and scored 114 tries in all competitions. In addition, the native of Toulouse will have known 8 major titles with his club (5 Brennus and 3 European Cups). He is also the fourth player to have scored the most Top 14 tries with 91 Promised Land finishes.

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