Rugby: Nathan Decron will remember his title “for life” with the Cadets of SU Agen

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Today at the Section Paloise, Nathan Decron was part of the squad of Gaudermen cadets from SU Agen, crowned in 2014, with the title of champions of France.

“It goes back a little…” Yet Nathan Decron remembers everything. The center of Pau was one of the basic men of the Gaudermen cadets of SU Agen in 2014. Captain, he had lifted the title of champion of France, on May 25 precisely. “It remains a memorable, exceptional memory, one of the best of my life”. Within a group of “good wankers”, the Néracais and his partners had succeeded “a big season”. “In 8th, we had a huge game, and we had won by 40 points against Racing”. There followed a success acquired against Narbonne, at the end of “the toughest match of the final stages”, then a “memorable” meeting against Clermont. “We had won 44-40, it seems to me. Luigi Tarozzi had scored a hat-trick. He enjoyed himself and I charged…” (laughs)

“Let them take advantage of this moment”

In the final, the Agenais would face Stade Toulousain. The meeting was not at the Stade de France, but at Beaumont-de-Lomagne. “We weren’t favourites, we had lost in pool against them,” recalls Nathan Decron. And the meeting had kept all its promises. While trailing 18-11 on the hour mark, the Lot-et-Garonnais overturned the fate of the match in the last minutes of the match, finally winning 23-18. “These are memories that last a lifetime.”

In addition to being the captain of SU Agen, Nathan Decron was also the scorer of this formation. “We’ve met for eight years, and we still talk about it today. We are always happy to meet again”. Among the period partners of the center of the Section Paloise, they are very few to have passed the professional course. “Apart from Ugo Boniface (who has just signed for Bordeaux-Bègles from Bayonne), we are the only ones to play professionally. There are quite a few who play in the lower levels, or who have stopped. Everyone has gone their own way.”

In addition to following what is happening at US Nérac, his training club, the player from Pau closely follows the news of SU Agen. And so, when saluting the AUS cadet journey this season, the 24-year-old tries to offer some advice. “We had not had the chance to play at the Stade de France. I can’t imagine what they are going to go through, but let them enjoy and live this moment to the fullest. We must not be overwhelmed by the pressure of the event, and play as they have done all season. I wish them to continue like this because there are not finals every year…”

A wink of fate, the captain of the Gaudermen cadets this season, Mehdi Narjissi, is declining in the center of the Lot-et-Garonnais attack. Like a certain Nathan Decron at the time. Will they meet the same fate?

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