Rugby / Pre-Federal: he has just signed with RC Villeneuve. New challenge for Amrah Imanov

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Recognized as one of the best left pillars in Pre-Federal this season with the COP, Amrah Imanov has decided to continue his rugby career in Villeneuve-sur-Lot at the start of the next school year. Maintenance.

First of all, what is your assessment of the good season with the COP?

The COP project was the rise in Federal 3. But at the start of the season, it was a bit complicated because the mayonnaise had not yet taken with new players. In particular, we lost our away games with a big defeat at RCV. And then the click took place against this team of Villeneuve in Régadous where we were led 17 to 3 at the break before winning 20-17. At that time, we asked ourselves the right questions and we chained victories with a success on the wire in Biscarrosse, allowing us to move up to Federal 3.

With also a very big season on a personal level?

During the period of confinement, I had prepared myself very well physically, in particular by losing weight. I wanted to have a leadership role on the lawn and according to the various comments, I think I have fulfilled my missions in my position as left pillar.

Why are you joining the Villeneuve club in Regional 1?

First, I would like to clarify that I leave the COP on very good terms and that it always remains in my heart with leaders and coaches who trusted me. Then, I wanted to join friends who play at RCV and I was seduced by the club’s sports project. It’s also a great team that finished 4th in the pool and not far from us in the standings this season. I believe that with the planned recruitment and an already existing group, the RCV has the means to go up in Federal 3 with also beautiful infrastructures. –

What do you intend to bring to your new partners?

I want to bring him power, combat and emerge victorious in confrontations. I want to try to be a leader on the lawn and give another image of myself compared to my time at Villeneuve a few years ago with much more maturity today.

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