Rugby / Pro D2: Back to school time for SU Agen

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Bernard Goutta’s men resumed training on Monday, in a relatively relaxed atmosphere. However, the program concocted by the coaches left the players little respite.

Yesterday morning marked the return of SU Agen to business. Physical tests, meetings, rugby, bodybuilding… For this day of recovery, Bernard Goutta wanted to put his men to the test very quickly. “It is going to be for 15 days, then there will be a week of regeneration and a new, very hard three-week block. “And the Catalan manager was not disappointed by his men on Monday. “I feel like they didn’t do the downsides. I didn’t see anyone picking it up. I felt a lot of enthusiasm and freshness. »

Successful start of the season

The SUA has nine weeks to prepare for the resumption of the championship, scheduled for August 26. And the goal is not to miss, unlike what happened last year. “We want to get into this championship quickly and well. Being fast and nervous is the theme of this preparation”, underlines Bernard Goutta. But to take advantage of his entire workforce, the SUA manager will have to take his troubles patiently. Recruits could only land on July 1. Hooker Mike Sosene-Feagai will arrive on July 17, as will England prop Richard Barrington. “I am satisfied with our recruitment because we looked for experienced players with a well-targeted recruitment. But I’m dissatisfied because I don’t have them yet! smiles Bernard Goutta. Other players, like Fotu Lokotui, Kolinio Ramoka, Walter Desmaison, or Iban Etcheverry, are gradually picking up after experiencing physical glitches last season.

To compensate for these absences, Bernard Goutta called on “18 young people from the training center”. “It’s not a gift, they earned it. These are young people who can be counted on during this big marathon that is the Pro D2. “Inoke Nalaga or Louis Gauban were for example present. In total, around thirty players were on the field. Will they be joined by other recruits in the coming days? According to Bernard Goutta, this will not be the case. “Recruitment is closed for the moment.

The evaluation of our group during the preparation will tell us if we should look for one or two more players, but we want to trust our young people. “Before perhaps evoking ambitions at the top of the table? “It’s a bit too early. First, we will work on the physical dominant where we will evaluate the character of the young people. A cohesion will be created in the difficulty, and leaders will perhaps emerge. We will establish the objectives later, even if we want to regain the level of the leading roles. So wait and see…

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