Rugby. SC Pamiers wants to come back even stronger after the crisis

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For lack of a sufficient budget, the Appamean Sporting-Club has decided to refuse the rise to National 2 and to commit next year to Federal 1. If we still do not know the name of the future president of the SCA, the Damiers progress on many issues (financial, sports, etc.) to get off to a good start next year.

Reason has relentlessly imposed itself on the Appamean SC. “Next season will impose decisions that will allow the development of a reasonable but insufficient budget for the National 2.” We had to move quickly, position ourselves vis-à-vis the French Rugby Federation and the players of Appame. In a press release published on Sunday, the SCA therefore refuses the rise in National 2 and evaluates next year in Federal 1. As if the SCA had not been mounted. As if, or almost. This year, the budget was approximately €1.2 million. “Next year, we hope to have one between 800,000 and 900,000€, to be comfortable,” explains Alain Dubiau, secretary general of the Damiers. Signs are encouraged. All current partners will continue the adventure. a week after President Sannac’s announcement to step down from the presidency, major maneuvers were initiated. “We are in the process of carrying out a kind of audit on the past season to determine all the positions where we can save. Here again, optimism is in order. Of course, all eyes were on the first team players. Everyone was able to decide on their future. Of course, there will be significant movements within the workforce (see elsewhere). Those (the most numerous) who have decided to take up the gauntlet have made big financial sacrifices. David Bégu will be the figurehead. “I am committed to the project. We strive all year round. The SCA is a club we love. He too did not hesitate too much before embarking on this new challenge. “Thanks to the supporters, the volunteers, we know that we will not be alone. We owe them a fight. In health, the club is structured. We are on a mission. The club is worth it. The emotion of the man in the field is not feigned. “We are motivated, we have the Ariège heart. We know it will be hard but on a desire to regress stronger from all that. From now on, we have taken everything that has happened and we are planning for the future. It’s a strong message sent to the people of Ariège and to those who love the club. “David Bégu will be able to count on all the staff who were to accompany him in National 2: Thibault Renard, Patrick Mirosa, Elvis Tekassala and Romain Boscus. Except that the role of the latter could be estimated. “I would like to see him a bit more on the field, as a player-coach, laughs David Bégu. It would be a shame to do without his playing skills. “On June 29, David Bégu also decided, as planned, to bring together all the technical referents of all the club’s teams to discuss next season.

We are only waiting for the name of the president

Now, the SCA is just waiting for a new president. “Everything is ready to see him again, ends David Bégu. I can talk to him about anything he wants. “Being a president of an association such as the SCA is to be a true business leader,” continues Alain Dubiau. At the SCA, the last few days have been long, very long. The most important thing is that the club seems “saved. “Which he will assess at a good level (the SCA will also field an Esoirs team next year which will confirm to play as an opener), that his young people will continue to wear the black and white crest on the chest, that his center of he training (4 players from the first promotion are part of the first team group next year) can transform the test of a first year of existence carrying hopes. By July 1 (the day of the new SCA general assembly), supporters, players and volunteers are just waiting for white smoke. So that, after turbulent weeks, the SCA comes back even stronger next year.

Resumption of training for the first team on Tuesday July 5

David Bégu confirmed it yesterday, the resumption of training for the SCA first team will take place as planned, on Tuesday July 5th. Obviously, the outline of the group is called to be justified within the next few days or weeks. But David Bégu is counting on a squad of 32-33 players “including 17 from Ariège” to take up the challenge. To the players who have already left, we can add the names of Mirtkshulava (in Niort), Chirica (in Hyères Carqueiranne), Nakobukobua (in Macon) and Baquer (in Hyères Carqueiranne). At the arrivals level, Flitti (FCTT) has already given his agreement. Lucas Sans (Mont de Marsan) and Panizzo (Berre L’Etang) are also back at the club. David Bégu and his staff will also trust the club’s hopefuls (Gillard, Mariéro, Mezzavilla, Amiel, Manéra, Quentin and Dorian Pinet, Pichéric, etc.) who “will have playing time.” Khalkhal, Maurens, Pecrix, Gatti, Sentenac, Bertro… will always be there.
First day of Federal 1 on September 11?
After a week of recovery, players will be released for a few days around July 14. The rest of the training program will be set as soon as the dates for the resumption of the Federal 1 championship are formalized. As the National Championship resumes on August 28, National 2 starts on September 4, it is possible that the SCA will start its championship on Sunday September 11.
For the time being, only one preparation match is fixed, on August 19, on the lawn of Auch (National 2). A stage at Revel is then announced for September 20 and 21. Again, other friendly oppositions should be announced when the schedule is finally fixed.

Stéphane Simon (on the left, director of the training center), David Bégu and Elvis Tekassala will be back next year.
MDD. – Sebastien Batteux

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