Rugby sevens military: the French world champions, the men fall in the final

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Yesterday, on the lawn of Armandie, disputed the final phases of the World Cup of rugby sevens military. The women prevailed against the British, but the men failed to do the same.

The dispute over the territory of Agenais was one of the causes of the outbreak of the Hundred Years War. Yesterday, the British and the French meet a few centuries later for two new battles.
Indeed, the women’s and men’s rugby sevens teams from these two nations faced each other at the Armandie stadium during the finals of this first edition of the Military Rugby World Cup. If the women were able to brandish the shield by clearly dominating their opponents, the men fell on a sacred piece, as feared the previous days.
This first and this second place are still two very good results which gave satisfaction to the CNSD (National Center for Defense Sports), organizer of this event. Despite the very hot weather that fell this weekend, despite the resulting schedule changes, the rugbywomen and rugbymen of all army corps combined managed to produce a nice show on the ground, appreciated in tribunes.

The French have enforced their status as favorites

Having beaten all the nations present in the single group stage, the French soldiers landed with the label of favorites in these final stages. Not a problem for this team steeped in quality which blended in very well with this costume which is not always easy to wear. In the semi-finals, the Spaniards were swept away (38-5).

In the final, the French therefore found the British, whom they had atomized in the group stage on Friday (31-0). “But in a final, everything is reset,” warned the French staff. This time, indeed, His Majesty’s subjects were much tougher. The Habs had to employ themselves.
For a long time, the gap in favor of the French did not exceed one try. But the self-sacrifice and rage that inhabit these players were still enough, in the end, to keep the English at bay with a last try, after the siren, which sealed the score (24-12).
First world champions in the history of military rugby sevens, the French women could exult, cry, sing, drunk with joy. “We are on a little cloud, we are going to celebrate this title well”, declared Marie Gourgues, the shield in her hands. “They did the job, congratulated Philippe Sella, sponsor of the tournament. We needed a permanent investment against quality opponents. But their collective and their solidarity allowed them to go to the end. I had chills during this final, like many people. »
At the medal ceremony, the “Marseillaise” retained in an Armandie conquered by this so attractive team, and always delighted to play a nasty trick on the English…

As a result, Act II, with the men’s final, was eagerly awaited. In the stands, the Spanish delegation set the mood alongside the band, to the delight of the spectators of the Basquet. Until they realized that their neighbors had decided to support… the United Kingdom.

Tense match between French and British

With the storm clouds rising, tension also escalated on the ground. The first contacts between the French soldiers and their British (or Fijian) counterparts were very rough. The provocations arrive quickly on the ground between two teams who really wanted to do battle.
But in the game of rugby sevens, the Fijians are the kings. And the very large colony of players in this country to join the ranks of the British forces made their outstanding athletic qualities speak for themselves. The French did try to shoot them down, or pierce them through the heart. But each time, they came up against their fierce defense.

Photo Morad Cherchari – MORAD CHERCHARI

In difficulty, the tricolor soldiers got tired, committed slag that they did not develop until then. Despite a great burst of energy, they had to surrender (24-10). The French were very disappointed at the final whistle. But the potential of this team makes it possible to promise a nice revenge against the United Kingdom at the next World Cup.

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