Rugby / SU Agen: “A final is won” for the Gaudermen cadet coaches

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The success of the SU Agen Gaudermen cadets is also due to the work of their quartet of coaches, made up of Gilles Cochis, Jean-Luc Leroux, Malik Djebablah and David Tastet.

The Gaudermen cadet season can be described as a long calm river. Indeed, if we except reports of meetings due to Covid or prohibited grounds in the heart of winter, the staff has always held the same speech, namely, “You don’t change a winning team”.

“On all our odds”

To do this, it was first necessary to release a group, this was done by giving everyone a chance. In view of the results, the twenty-three or twenty-four elected were indeed the best. The staff are four educators, Gilles Cochis, Jean-Luc Leroux, Malik Djebablah and David Tastet. Chance wanted that the first interlocutor was Jean-Luc Leroux when he was in Armandie, for once, without his cadets but as supporters of rugby sevens. Between two phases of the game, he was kind enough to tell us about the adventure: “No revolution in the preparation, we haven’t changed our habits even if the heat forced us to make some concessions. On Wednesday, we were able to train on the honor ground of Armandie before enjoying the thalassotherapy and balneotherapy of the professionals. Thursday morning, departure for Paris, the 7:35 a.m. TGV. Another honor: we are accommodated in Marcoussis, training there. Then, we are expected at 4:30 p.m. at the Stade de France. I live a culmination of my status as a coach, with a group of young people who have united the staff of the coaches.

When we talk about Charly Nieucel with David Tastet, the former scrum-half remembers the time when, having retired as a player, Charly became coach of the pennant team with Loulou Bernès after having taken care of the club’s young people for a long time. “He’s a good person, his opinion means a lot to me! »

“The kids went to a lot of trouble”

But he quickly returns to the general concern: the final on Friday evening. “We would like this to remain a match like the others, but playing at the Stade de France is an event for these young people. However, we are trying to approach it like an ordinary match, to put our game in place as we have been able to do so far. The harder side will be to manage the emotions when we arrive at the Stade de France. Honestly, I think we have every chance on Friday evening but for that, we decided not to change anything in our preparation, except that last week we took advantage of the professionals’ facilities and we will see each other like this until the last moment “. Gilles Cochis, for his part, experienced the 2019 final as mentioned by Cyril Lazaro: “I gave a hand at the time for the forwards for the touch and the scrum with Omar Hasan and Arsène N’Nomo, and Cyril asked me to go up to Paris with them, but I did not intervene with Manu Rouquié and Régis Cotonnec. Anyway, things have evolved, the groups are different. Two years ago it was Alamercery over one year olds. We took the matches one after the other, we will do the same against Massy, ​​knowing that the group is learning, this is the first year that the players have taken part in the championship matches. Until then, they have only known tournaments and a final at the Stade de France is still something other than a tournament, however prestigious it may be. »

For the fourth musketeer of the staff, Malik Djebablah, it is a homecoming. Agenais until Espoirs, he spent a large part of his career in Albi in Pro D2 and returned to the SUA. More particularly in charge of the forwards: “The conquest is very important, especially the touch. Rucks are also part of today’s rugby, young people practice it very early on, veneer then ruck are indeed capital if we want to produce a spectacular and effective game at the planchot. All this is working, and on this level the group has worked well all winter, the kids have gone to a lot of trouble to get there, we know, a final is won, but the young people of Massy think the same thing “.

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