Rugby: the Argentan school, a reference in Normandy

Paul Gondouin of RC Argentan in the selection of Orne M12 to X this Sunday, June 19, 2022. (©RCA)

The best players of rugby de l’Orne in M12 faced their counterparts from the other four Normandy departments in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime).

the rugby club argentan (adorns) had eight representatives.

Sunday, June 19, 2022the Orne rugby committee sent a delegation of M12 players to face their counterparts from the other four Normandy departments in play at X in Le Havre, legendary Jules-Deschaseaux stadium.

Eight Argentanians out of thirteen Ornais

Out of thirteen Ornais players, no less than eight rugby players from Argentan were selected.

Ornais players won their two morning matches against Seine-Maritime 3 and then againstEure.

Qualified in the afternoon for the Elite group, they dominated the two teams of the Calvados.

L’Orne, best selection of the tournament

With four victories in as many matches, the Ornais won the trophy and were declared the best departmental selection.

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This final tournament ended a very emotional season for all our young people, but also for their educators and the many parents and supporters. Our young people, all categories combined, have courageously defended the colors of the club all season and honored the jersey.

RCA executives

Despite its limited resources, the RC Argentan Rugby School has become a reference in Normandy and deserves to be considered with respect from now on.

In the same way as their elders in the M16, M19 and M+18 categories who, during the gathering (read below) with the clubs of The Eagle and of Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure), gave a new shine to the whole RC Argentan family.

In the race for the title of territorial champions

the Sunday, June 12, 2022all the rugby schools of Normandy met for the title of territorial champions.

The Argentan rugby school has done well.

The M8 and M10 of RC Argentan moved to L’Aigle.

M8: Normandy champions

Until then undefeated, the M8 won their first three matches of the day against Couronnes 2, Lisieux and Le Havre.

They therefore play in the afternoon in the pool which determines the order of the first four: they win against Thuit Signol, Crowns 1 and police a draw against Rouen.

Contract fulfilled: the M8 finish first in the pool and are declared normandy champions after having been Orne championsthen Lower Normandy champions.

They are well worth all the congratulations of their coaches, their parents and the leaders and volunteers of the club for this magnificent season, because they have shown real courage and total self-sacrifice despite their young age.

The M10s (also champions of Orne and Basse-Normandie) play two matches in the morning.

They lose the first game against Le Havre and win the next against the agreement Gisors/Arche Bridge.

The defeat against Le Havre does not allow them to access the “high” pool and will therefore have to try to get fifth place in the afternoon as best they can.

They also own their contract, since they beat Evreux then Thuit-Signol and finished fifth.

The M12s (also champions of Orne and Basse-Normandie) traveled to Verneuil-sur-Avre.

With two victories, respectively against Évreux and Saint-André-de-l’Eure, and a defeat against Rouen, they reach the “high” group, but lose their three matches of the afternoon against big names, Rouen, Le Havre and Caen…

So they finish fourth.

We can only encourage them to follow this path. Especially since 8 of them are selected to form the CD 61 team which travels the following weekend to Le Havre to meet their counterparts from CD 14, 27, 50 and 76.

RCA executives

In agreement with L’Aigle, Verneuil and Alenconthe M14s moved to FLERS and recorded three victories against Rouen, the agreement Bernay/Honfleur/Lisieuxthen Asruc.

First in the standings, they reach a decisive match against the agreement Flers/Vire/Avranches.

The game is on, but our young people show solidarity and desire, but unfortunately they are beaten on the wire. Three teams are tied on points: Flers/Vire/Avranches; Rouen and our young AVAA. Rouen will be declared the winner at the average point. Our young people finish second and are declared vice-champions of Normandy in game at XV.

RCA executives

“Congratulations to all our young people from the rugby school who performed throughout the season and were able to show all of Normandy rugby the quality of Argentinian training. »


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