Rugby: the end of the dream for the CPLR

Since the beginning of the final stages, the great family of Palavaso-Lunello rugby, which had succeeded in its priority objective with an accession to Federal 2, was behind its two teams in the conquest of one, or even two national crowns. As we had announced, it was not forbidden to dream. And the dream lasted from the 32nd until the semi-finals with two Hérault finals in perspective with CPLR 2 – Jacou Mauguio in excellence and a CPLR 1 – Servian-Boujan in federal 3.

Double disappointment

On the reserves side, Saverdun will have been the executioner of the Héraultais by taking out the proteges of Poquet-Jourdan-Bouladou in the semi-finals, on June 12, with the score of 26-24 and by repeating a week later in the final against the Jacoumards 22 to 20 .

Same hopes for a 100% Hérault final between the CPLR 1 and Servian-Boujan and there too double disappointment. The protégés of Garriguenc-Notolan-Kinane led 10-6 to the lemons but were overtaken by Salanque-Côte Radieuse who made the difference in the second half to win on the wire 26 to 24. Even more regrets for Servian-Boujan who misses the final by losing a very small point against the Landais of Ger-Seron on the score of 14 to 13.

“For its first full season, the Palavas-Lunel cooperation has achieved its priority objective by reaching the Fédérale 2 after its two victories over Pézenas in 16th. The two teams finished first in the group matches and achieved an exceptional career. in the final phase. They lost in the semi-finals, but only the positive should be remembered. The CPLR is the only club at the national level to have played in the semi-finals”.

So there won’t be any icing on the cake but the mission is successful, now it’s time for a well-deserved vacation before discovering the Federal 2 at the start of the school year.

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