[Rugby] The French Barbarians will face Fiji on the weekend of November 20, 2022

To close their 2022 season, the Barbarians Français will face the FIJI to Pierre Mauroy Stadium the weekend of November 20, 2022. Land of great events, the European metropolis of Lille is very proud to host this game at least one year of the Rugby World Cup France 2023.

Barbarians-Fiji, it is the promise of a high level meeting. The two teams will offer a show spectacular, mix of Powerful, speed and of dexterity with the ball. As they find Australia, the Wales and the Georgia in the Pool B, them Flying Fijians intend to mark the Rugby World Cup 2023 Fr accept the surprise.

The Barbarians
Inspired by the other side of the Channel, it’s in 1977 only one group of friends, Grand Slam winner the same year, to the idea of ​​creating the French Barbarians team.

Directed by Jean Pierre Rives and Jacques Fourouxthe BRC had to be a club as atypical as mythical, attached to friendship values and love of rugby. Convinced of the importance of to create this club in France, they then convinced Albert Ferrasse and GuyBasque, leaders of the French Rugby Federation, as well as leaders of English Barbarians.

It’s finally in 1979 that the Barbarian Rugby Club see the day. No matter where he comes from, each player put it on jersey Baa-Baas with one but: play rugby that is close to tradition, where the victory is never an end in itself.

Be a Barbaric, it is to be totally passionate about rugby and find this game love, without sporting pressure, economical we media. It’s before all play to play, taking advantage of these 80 minutes of sharing with some men from any club.

A Philosophy
Rigor in Fantasy
The diversity is a value rooted in the traditions of BRC. And in order to mput forward the clubs of origin of each, each player who wears the Barbarian Rugby Club Tunic proudly wears club the socks in the colors of his during matches. the training symbol and a strong territorial anchorage.

France 2023 & Barbarians: common ideals
Committed to reconnecting with original virtues of rugby (sharing, camaraderie, fun), the BRC happened naturally associated with France 2023, the Rugby World Cup Organizing Committee 2023who shares the same ambitions and wants to put the party at the heart of the debates.

bind to Baa-Baas, it is also to share a certain idea of ​​the game: avoidance rugby more than contact. A philosophy, an ideal that the Rugby World Cup 2023 hear well find among the 660 players of the 20 participating teams, who will tread the english soil from September 08 to October 28, 2023.

A Legendary Swimsuit
The Baa-Baas jersey is composed of three blues: the Cambridge sky blue, the oxford dark blue (the two founding universities of the Barbarian Football Club in 1890) and is completed by the French blue.

A way of pay tribute to the founders of this club and stay that way true to tradition.

So many great players Could wear this shirt. Besides the big french stars (Serge Blanco, Philippe Sella, Fred Michalack to name a few) several strangers have worn this tunic don’t David Kirk, Nick Farr Jones and John Eales, world champion captains, respectively en 1987, 1991 and 1999.

Chip Tickets from 10€ (opening of the ticket office soon…).

Sources & images: DR – © Stade Pierre Mauroy / © Les Barbarians Français

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