Rugby: the Paloise Section in rising temperature

While some, in full possession of their means, are flashed on sprints or find the right reflexes on playful attack-defense workshops, others, not yet at the top, burn on wattbikes or small courses of course on foot in the field. Among them, several left during the holidays: “Players have returned from the Southern Hemisphere so there is fatigue linked to jet lag and air travel. We preferred not to take too many risks with them,” explains Romain Bourdiol. Another factor to take into consideration is the ten internationals in the Section whose season has not yet ended or who have just gone on vacation.

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

A backup physio

“There are a lot more than in previous years, so in a more mixed group than last year, with a lot of players from the training center as reinforcements,” says the Pau performance manager, happy with “the state in rather good form” of the troops. “The players are motivated to resume. They trained a little alone during the offseason, they had a program so it allows them to attack fairly quickly, ”rejoices the member of staff, reinforced by a physiotherapist, Joanna Sainlo. Having just returned from the Summer series with the U20s of the France team for which she was responsible, the former French international at 7 was already in uniform at the training center on Friday. She will be in charge of the follow-up of the wounded.

At present, “80% of the available workforce is training hard”. Romain Bourdiol hopes to increase this figure to 95% in a week. For that, the program is clear. In the morning, it’s muscu Coupled with work on attitudes and individual development in a half-group. In the afternoon, it works on the more collective aspects. “We are gradually reincorporating the game project and that allows us to put themes into our training,” explains Bourdiol. Thursday, we were on capacity rugby, where players are asked to move around a lot, to repeat efforts and to have a sufficient amount of work. Friday was speed rugby, in which we will rather look for accelerations ”.

With as a seasoning, the agonizing yo-yo test (shuttle races over 20 meters to be carried out more and more quickly in order to measure the maximum aerobic capacity), all the more terrible under the inevitable hot weather. A preheating that Sébastien Piqueronnies and his staff had plenty of time to calibrate during a seminar held on Monday and Tuesday, before welcoming the players on Wednesday. There are now seven weeks left in the Section Paloise to reach the right temperature.

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