Rugby: the Police at La Banive

On Thursday June 16 at 7 p.m., at the Maurice Trélut stadium in Tarbes, the France Police rugby team met the France Penitentiary team. Four years ago, the selection of the Ministry of the Interior had all the trouble in the world to defeat the players of Justice.

André Belacel and the staff were able to motivate their players, learning from past mistakes, stimulation and a team spirit boosted by a nice outing to Payolle, just to cool off a bit and discover a nice corner of Bigorre.

Under scorching heat, the police accelerated the game with a bang and quickly scored two beautiful and well-integrated tries.

They didn’t give the brave prison guards a chance. At half-time, the score was 40 to 00. Even if the coaches rotated the squad without lowering their level, the final score was very heavy for the prison officials: 62 to 05. nice revenge on the match played four years ago!

The two teams then met around a pot of friendship, and not to fail the local tradition, our beautiful Pyrenean songs resounded throughout this beautiful celebration.

There is no doubt that the players are distributed in their respective regions happy with this friendly and sporting interlude (despite the heat which is not easy to manage), and with the aim of returning to our lands for the next holidays or next matches… or both. …

The France Police rugby team trained on Wednesday afternoon June 15 and Thursday morning June 16 at the Banive stadium to the delight of the U6, U8, U 10 and U12 who were able to benefit from the technical advice of these players from all over France.

Why Banive?

“Because our former captain and current coach, Grégory Piques, graduated from the Juillan rugby school. He is assisted by Laurent Dulau and both made their professional careers in Lourdes where they were teammates” explains André Belacel, police captain and National Technical Director of Rugby Police, which manages two men’s and women’s teams.

Then, he specifies: “We like to come into contact with the population and especially young people to give them another image of our profession and show them that the police do not only have a function of repression and that it is made up of passionate. These sports training sessions with young people have allowed us to discuss our profession. The goal is also to get to know the national selections all over France. And there, we responded to the invitation of the prison selection.”

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