Rugby: the USMT has achieved a good record

The USMT held its annual general meeting at the beginning of July. In the presence of the mayor, Sylvain Hager, and the sports assistant of Thézan, Dominique Guimera, the management team took stock of the past year before discussing the prospects for next season. As far as the rugby school is concerned, it has 104 children divided into 6 categories and managed by 11 educators. The school has completed 31 sets and 6 tournaments with an end-of-year outing. An Agreement is granted with Bédarieux to make up for the lack of staff.

Regarding the women’s team, Les Flèches, the results are mixed with a complicated season due to lack of staff. Touch rugby has 30 members and for this first year of competition the women’s team ended up in 4th position at the national level. Regarding the junior category, made up this year, it has 45 players who arrived in the 4th group unqualified among the 32 best in Occitania. Finally, the seniors have also had great success since the reserve is champion of Occitanie and team 1, vice-champion. The leaders then presented the financial statement. The USMT generated a lot of capital expenditure with the creation of new teams and travel expenses for this year, which led it to present a negative balance.

The return to the field will take place from August 10 with the resumption of training.

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