Rugby to promote development

Gannat. Rugby promotes the development of adapted sport players. AS Gannat rugby has just welcomed the adapted Clara rugby associations to the Muyard stadium; opportunity for volunteers and U16s from the local club to lead specific workshops and organize small matches to allow all these young people and adults to practice their favorite discipline.

With the presence of Marion Kellin from the Ovale ensemble association, the public measured the importance of rugby for these players who take to the game and progress through specific training adapted to their handicap. Corine Trote, president of the Clara association, which has about twenty licensees, outlines the positive contributions of this game: “It allows integration and community life which requires everyone to flourish”.

And Ludo Laurent, president of the ASG, to conclude: “This meeting with the players of the adapted sport made it possible to sensitize some members of the ASG who asked themselves the question of knowing how on can play rugby with a handicap. They were all surprised and moved to see the courage and solidarity of these players, for among other actions, winning a ball, bringing it to life and expressing their joy after a good collective movement or a try! »


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