RUGBY. Top 14. Stuck in Lacroix’s throat, this match turned Toulouse’s season upside down

TOP 14. 37th minute of play, the REAL turning point of Castres-ToulouseIf we had to sum up the 2021/2022 season at Stade Toulousain, we would be tempted to say that Ugo Mola’s men have always been after something. Whether it’s the games to bounce back, the points, the physical freshness or even the qualification. Everything had however started perfectly for the double reigning champion with six rank victories in the Top 14. Only three losses on the move had come to punctuate this almost perfect start to the exercise of Antoine Dupont and his teammates until the 12th day. But when the European matches returned, everything came to a standstill. “I’m going to give some food for thought to those who think I’m making excuses for myself. Of course, since December 26, I’ve had this Stade Français match in my throat because we don’t play it again under similar conditions.“, named the president of Stade Toulousain Didier Lacroix for ViaOccitanie.
Scheduled after Christmas, the classico was finally held on February 11 in a period when Toulouse was in trouble with seven defeats in a row, including the setback conceded against Paris at home. If it did not take place on the date originally planned, it was due to cases of covid in the Parisian ranks. The news had fallen on the morning of the match and caused a lot of noise. If the leader has still not digested this report, it is because he believes that he has changed the organization of his team. “We were ready at that time. We would have shot differently in Clermont, we would have chained the period of doubles in a different way.” On the first day of the year, Toulouse went to Auvergne with a solid team. The internationals Baille, Marchand, Flament, Cros, Jelonch, Ntamack and Ramos started. But the Stade lost 16 to 13 .

We can imagine that if they had played a week earlier at the Walloon against Paris, they could be rested for this match at the Michelin. After this setback against ASM, Toulouse had to wait until February 27 and a very short 12-11 victory over UBB to find the way to victory. Leaving very (too?) many points on the way to hope for a quieter end to the season and turning. As we said, Toulouse spent the entire end of the season trying to make up for these missteps. Until this Top 14 semi-final where the physical freshness failed the whole group. “And if my grandmother had any, it would be my grandfather. We missed something, we missed a lot of things. And we have to find them here.Double champion of France and Europe last year, Toulouse could not do better this season. Ideally, Mola’s men could have matched their remarkable performances. By succeeding in the semis in both competitions, they had an excellent exercise. A season rich in lessons for the players, the staff and the management in view of a year which promises to be once again complicated in view of the World Cup.VIDEO.  Top 14. ''Not always waiting for Antoine Dupont to cross the field'', realistic MolaVIDEO. Top 14. ”Not always waiting for Antoine Dupont to cross the field”, realistic Mola

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