RUGBY. Top 14.. To help the USAP, François Rivière bought 62 million shares!

According to L’Indépendant, the president of the USAP François Rivière was forced to put his hand in his pocket to validate the budget of his club. It would therefore be in deficit. “This is essential to validate the maintenance in the Top 14 obtained on the ground.“Once again, he assumed 100% of the capital increase to the tune of 620,000 euros. The regional site explains that”62 million (!) new shares were therefore created to increase the share capital. For a value of 0.01 euro each!” An adjustment to ensure the club’s own funds necessary in the eyes of the DNACG. Which could have sanctioned the club in the event of a breach. We are far from the 3 million he was able to pay in the past. But it is at least the 8th or 9th time according to him that he must financially support the formation of Perpignan, which suggests that the economic model of the club is probably not the best. However, François Rivière wants to increase the budget from 18 to 20 million for the coming season.

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