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The season is over for the Future Castanéen. Untitled but with a remarkable presence for its youth teams. Between the national U18 and U16 and the regional of this category of cadets, Castanet was present in the final stages.

The cadets even came close to bringing the shield home. If for the rugby school and the youth teams, the future season presents itself as its predecessors with an objective which is training, for the seniors it is being prepared well in advance.

In this spirit, it was necessary to find a successor to Clément Vincent who made the decision to stop at the club.

President Gilles Manent wanted to complete his sports staff in order to prepare for future deadlines. “We have just gone through a more difficult season than one could imagine. Now we are a formative club, with young people, the majority of whom are 21 years old. We have never let go of anything so much on the management side, as on the staff and players. We have honored our contract. This is the great positive point. We have not been spared injuries in strategic positions. Now we may be in our place. In order not to start a new galley season, we prepare it well in advance with our resources.”

50 seasons of service

A president who will be able to rely on an existing pool with reinforcements that can bring this experience which is lacking. Some young people are solicited, it’s the other side of the medal of the sports project. But one of the greatest moments will have been the party for Jean-Jacques Sordello, during the last league meeting.

A well-deserved time (he could have had other honors outside the club) for this faithful licensee. Between player and manager, he displays a continuity of 50 seasons of service. And maybe not others in perspective…

Benjamin Couette resumes service for the back lines. He will be assisted by Jalil Narjissi for the forwards. This 42-year-old former hooker played in Castres and Agen in particular. He made his ranges in Federal 1 in Fleurance (2018/2019) then Marmande. In 2020, he joined Agen where he teamed up with Régis Sonnes for a short interlude. He comes from Sainte Livrade (Federal 3).

As for hopes Stéphane Julia and Jérémy Bertoli will be responsible.

The physical preparation will go to Eros Calli.

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