RUGBY. Why pre-World Cup form doesn’t matter?

RUGBY. Winning too much, a risk for the XV of France before the World Cup?Not long ago, we wondered if, by dint of winning, the XV of France would not have insurmountable pressure on their shoulders. But we are not going to ask the Blues to lose on the pretext that it would be better for them in view of the World Cup. As we have said, building in victory is always more beneficial than in defeat, however encouraged it may be. And as Raphaël Poulain said so well this week for Rugbyrama, “better to be ready too soon than too late“From then on, the Tricolores can only improve like a good French wine instead of chasing goals. The staff of the XV of France knows where they are going and obviously how to get there. The method works. And according to Fabien Galthié, it will still be evaluated by the start of the 2023 school year to be the best possible version.. Hopefully, players will also be the best version of themselves.RUGBY.  For the English press, the XV of France really owes a man, and it's not Fabien GalthiéRUGBY. For the English press, the XV of France really owes a man, and it’s not Fabien GalthiéHowever, it would be wrong to believe that the Blues will be the only ones to present themselves with a knife between their teeth in less than ten months. We can count on the Welsh and the Australians to redouble their efforts after a failed November tour marked by historic defeats against Georgia and Italy. It was probably the best thing that could happen to them in order to put things straight for the World Cup. Next year, Wales will not be this fall. Just as we can count on Australia to present a very different face from that displayed against the Italians. Recent history is the perfect example. The Springboks having won the 2019 World Cup after being left out of title contenders a year earlier. In 2018, the South Africans only won 50% of their games. “There was no way to predict what happened in 2019 a year earlier, and that’s why it’s hard to talk about a World Cup now“, analyzes George Gregan. The Australian legend thus calls for the greatest caution with regard to forecasts at this time of the year.RUGBY.  ''France has cemented its status as favourite'', the opinion of the foreign pressRUGBY. ”France has cemented its status as favourite”, the opinion of the foreign pressThe World Cup is a separate competition. Records no longer matter because everything can change in a match. “It’s a seven week sprint and what you did before that, to be honest, really doesn’t matter.” It’s up to the players to be fully aware of this. Of course, common experience can help you in complicated times. The narrow successes against the Wallabies and the Springboks could certainly be the Habs next year. But the World Cup is “a different beast”, and approving it requires being in the right frame of mind. By September 2023, a lot can happen. No player is immune to injury and today’s form may not be tomorrow’s. “It’s always dangerous to talk about a World Cup so far away, because there are still so many variables to take into account.”. If the Tricolores have a formidable series of victories, it is not known how they will apprehend the enormous pressure of playing in front of their public. The more they win, the higher the expectations will be and the more their opponents will want to knock them down. A situation that New Zealand knows very well for having been knocking it down for so long and even now. If they managed to win their world cup in 2011, it was not without fear. VIDEO.  Why mental preparation is a weapon for the XV of France?VIDEO. Why mental preparation is a weapon for the XV of France?

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