Russell Westbrook reportedly didn’t ask to leave the Lakers…

Friday, Russell Westbrook and his lifelong agent, Thad Foucher, have decided to end their 14-year collaboration. To justify this separation, Foucher spoke of ” irreconcilable differences » and he explains, in essence, that he opposes a new transfer from Westbrook: « The best option for Westbrook is to stay with the Lakers, take advantage of that starting role and the support that Darvin Ham has publicly expressed.. »

Except that according to the LA Times, this separation would not be linked to the situation at the Lakers, and Westbrook would never have asked to leave. The All-Star point guard would therefore make sense to Darvin Ham’s project, and the “irreconcilable differences” do not concern his future at the Lakers.

Moreover, on Twitter, Westbrook “liked” a message posted by a user who wrote that ” this has absolutely nothing to do with the Lakers“.

The fact remains that the departure of his agent is necessarily linked to his future since Foucher explains: ” [Avec] the possibility of a fourth trade in four years, the market explains to the Lakers that they must add an additional asset with Russell in any scenario of trade. And even then, such a trade could require Russell to leave his new team immediately through a buyout. »

Maybe Westbrook accepted being traded and then cut, and that’s a possibly inconceivable and unacceptable outcome for his agent.

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