Saint-Brieuc: after covid, ASPTT Basket wants to get back into the game – Saint-Brieuc

  • 1 The great success of women

  • For the 2021-2022 season, ASPTT Basket had four teams in the league. Male seniors remain in DM2. Depending on the numbers, the possibility will be given of creating a second team which will evaluate in D3. The U17 1 rose to pre-regional mid-term. U17 2 finished 5th in D3.

    (Source: Pierre Bouldé)

    On the senior women’s side, we aimed for the top of the basket. First in its championship, the team reached the regional. A success that implies more substantial costs. The club is therefore looking for sponsors to accompany the players in this “bet on the future”.

  • 2 Fragile finances

  • When it comes to finances, it’s more complicated. All sections of the ASPTT have offered vouchers to graduates who renew their membership this year, in order to compensate for the cessation of training due to the covid. Result: 60% less contributions. For the second consecutive year, the City of Saint-Brieuc has also granted a subsidy reduced by more than half (on the scale of omnisport). From €17,500, it thus rose to €7,500.

  • 3 A decrease in the workforce

  • With the health crisis, the ASPTT as a whole saw 25% of its workforce leave. The basket section remains the most popular with 73 members, tied with judo, but it is not spared. By way of comparison, in 2016-2017, it still hosted 170 licensees. The association has since separated from its baby, U11, U13 and U15 teams.

    On the volunteer side, there are about ten on deck. “The basket activity is one of those that requires the most mobilization. Between the refereeing, the scorer’s table, etc., each match requires the presence of at least five adults, ”explains Pierre Bouldé, administrative manager.

    President of the omnisports, Eric Bideau says he is open to “greater collaboration with the town hall of Saint-Brieuc, for the implementation of animations which would give more visibility to the club”. And could lead to new faces. In Plérin, for example, the structure welcomes young people to the Sépulcre complex for sports holidays during the summer.

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