Saint-Christophe-Vallon. RDV handball will field two teams

The announcement has just fallen and it has delighted the leaders of RDV Handball: the senior girls are getting in tune with the senior boys and are also playing in the pre-national championship next season. Their rise was acquired on green carpet because, after their good season and when they should have participated in the final stages to try to obtain access to the field, the general package of Bruguières reshuffled the cards. “We are proud and happy because this unprecedented rise is a very good thing for the RDV as well as for Aveyron handball, but also for our territories which we will designate at a level which is at the gates of the national championship. We place women’s sport and male at the same level, so the club will put all its forces on these two collectives so that they benefit from the best possible conditions” indicated the president of the club. In terms of numbers, the 2 teams will benefit from some feedback from club training, but also from 3 arrivals in boys and 4 in girls. With the contribution of a few other elements, the club could field two senior women’s and men’s teams, “one for the high level and the other for the pleasure of playing” specifies Alexandre Granier, ready to welcome “with open arms” the volunteers who would like to try handball, as well as new partners wishing to help with the RDV handball.

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