Saint Girons. The results of the open tennis tournament

The open tennis tournament is known for the final stages of high quality. During the award ceremony, the president, Yannick Morère warmly thanked the players, the partners, the referee Luc Vignoles, his assistants Montaine Vignoles and Romain Roux, all the volunteers for their involvement and the success of this 2022 edition. The conviviality and the good atmosphere during the theme evenings were very present.


Ladies. Singles: Delfina Glorioso, defeated in the final Justina-Maria Gonzales Daniele; semi-finalists, Montaine Vignoles and Olivia Gribaudo.

Over 35: Cécile Estaque, defeats Martine Gabarre in the final.

Consoling: Sandra Cazaux defeats Amandine Maindron in the final. 4th Series: Camille Cazaux defeats Aly Antras in the final.

Gentlemen. Singles: Facundo Perlov defeats Juan Sebastian Belagarde in the final; semi-finalists, Aymeric Bruno, and Yannick Morère.

Over 35: Romain Roux defeats Yannick Morère in the final.

Consoling: Pierre Manuel defeats Théo Dandieu in the final.

4th Series: Aridjan Sikorski defeats Philippe Soula in the final.

Over 55: the final between Jean-Georges Cellier and Patrick Vairet has been postponed.

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