Saint-Paul wins the derby with one breath in Hagetmau

The visitors, eye-catching until the end, built their victory in the first half. At the quarter of an hour of play, Persillon, author of a 100% success in his shots on goal, opened the scoring on foul following a foul on the ground (0-3, 15th). Six minutes later, Léo Baillet drove the point home. After a dismissal, he recovered the ball on the 22 opposing meters and reviewed the Hagetmautian defense to score at the feet of the posts a try full of determination, transformed by Persillon (0-10, 21st). The same Persillon increased the score four minutes later by managing another defeat (0-13, 25th).

Broustau releases the SPS

More clumsy and heavily penalized, the reds and blues responded with an exploit by their winger Hyacinthe in overflow on his wing who, after obliterating three opponents and typing to follow, flattened in the in-goal (5-13, 34th). After another punishment from gunner Persillon (5-16, 38th), Hyacinthe for the SAH did it again before half-time, scoring a try on the opposite wing, which concluded a three-quarter forward sequence (10-16, 40th ). The reds and blues represent hope.

The Hagetmautiens were punished too much this Sunday to hope to win.

Photo Jean-Louis Tastet

After the break, the SAH took the game on its own by occupying the Saint-Paul camp. A fault from Giorgadze allows the Hagetmautiens to stick to the score (13-16, 48th). Then the turning point of the match was in the 61st minute. Following a ball lost in the scrum by the hagetmautien pack, yet dominant in this sector of play, the number eight Saint-Paulois serves Ludovic Broustau, who pierced the defense of the reds and blues. After a run of 40 meters, he flattened in the in-goal, sealing the fate of the match (13-21, 65th).

In the last ten minutes, Hagetmau pushed hard and dominated with a try from Valton (20-21, 77th). But the blues and whites clung to their small point in advance, to win a precious success. The second in a row, the first outside.

Conversely, the SAH conceded a second loss in a row, before another derby, Sunday, October 9, in Soustons.

The reactions

Jérémy Marti (manager of Hagetmau): “I’m disappointed, we were never able to put our game in place and we lacked commitment. After a 13-0, it was difficult to come back. »
Didier Darbo (trainer of Saint-Paul les Dax): “I am satisfied with the behavior of the group, which has been united. We doubted when Hagetmau registered a try before half-time but the players showed great self-sacrifice. »

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