Sainte Foy de Peyrolières. Rugby: the USSF in assembly

US Sainte-Foy Rugby is organizing its general assembly on Friday July 8 at the Sainte-Foy municipal stadium at 7 p.m. Anyone linked to the club, partners, current licensees, future licensees, members of the office and all its volunteers are invited. The report of the past season will be followed by the presentation of the brand new office, the former and future presidents will present their projects for the future of the club and next season and the presentation of the new members of the office.

Thanks will also be made for the departure of certain members who have been present for years in the USSF rugby family.

“We are expecting many people who have made the soul of the club and who will give new impetus to this club which needs it to set off again for good and long years, indicating club officials. The sporting and budgetary project will be We are always exposed to the search for voluntary and dynamic players for the coming season as well as volunteers to participate in the life of the club and its events.This evening will be closed by a glass of friendship, around a convivial meal. .”

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