Saix. Passion for tennis

The Tennis-Club of Saïx, in full development, offered the last decade of June 4 free sessions of an hour and a half of tennis discovery for the children of the town, aged 5 to 11 years. Information and registration flyers were distributed outside the schools.

Remarkable success since 23 children registered, including 10 girls! It was necessary to quadruple the number of sessions carried out and create sub-groups supervised by Laurent Gineste, club teacher, with the help of a young graduate educator ranked 3rd series. Many parents have already reserved a place for their child for the lessons that will be offered next season, starting in September.

The Tennis-Club is particularly attentive to the purchasing power of families; despite the inflationary trend, it was decided to maintain the membership fees for the coming year. Please note that registrations and re-registrations are scheduled for Friday, September 2, at the clubhouse, near the Elie-Castelle room, Lévézou stadium, from 5 p.m., and that classes will resume week 38. For any information, telephone at 06 08 82 49 00.

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