Sasa Obradovic (Monaco) after match 4 against Asvel: “I find it hard to understand”

Sasa Obradovic, coach of Monaco, after the defeat against Asvel in match 4 of the Betclic Élite final: “We weren’t ready to play this kind of game. It’s very difficult, I find it hard to understand. Is it mental? We can’t react to every whistle that’s unfavorable, it takes us out of the game… If we have a clear game plan and we do the opposite, I can’t coach.

I want to give the players some freedom, I can accept certain sequences where the players want to show their talent, but there is a way to win these big games: first you have to focus 100% on defense. It’s the same scenario as in match 2, we give easy shots one after the other and we each take our turn… We showed our weaknesses, that’s one of them. She also cost us the Final Four (in Euroleague) : sometimes, we stop playing, we no longer deploy the same aggressiveness. If we don’t regain our confidence, it won’t work, but let’s leave that behind. »

Yakuba Ouattara, Monaco full-back: “We didn’t get into the game in the best way and when you take a splinter like that (14-30, 12th), it’s hard to come back afterwards. We fell back into our ways. I have said from the beginning that we are an unpredictable team, that we have two faces. This (Wednesday) evening, showed the bad. When we play individually, when we want to carry the difficult team one after the other, we get into it. »


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