Schœneck. Renaud Fusenig, pillar of the table tennis club, honored for 43 years in the service of sport

The table tennis club has decided to honor Renaud Fusenig for 43 years in the service of sport in Schœneck. Still active in a leisure practice, this outstanding member opened a table tennis section in Schœneck in 1979 with the impetus of Paul Fellinger, then mayor of the town. Renaud Fusenig held the presidency of the club until 2005, a real priesthood given the level of his devotion to his sports friends. From the management of the teams to the day-to-day management of the club, including participation in the community life of the village, his commitment is well established.

One of the oldest licensees in Moselle

With the complicity of secretary Madiane Kunicke and former president Jean-Claude Oster, club president Jean-Michel Mayer traced the path of a racket enthusiast: “At the club, you are the oldest, with the number license 776. Despite your age, you are also one of the oldest Moselle licensees, always ready to take up the racket for a double or to replace a player. By the way, your last league game ended with a victory. Certainly no coincidence! If the secret of this longevity is passion, it translates into a natural appetite that nourishes admiration. , friendship and your associative commitment. Players, you have seen them pass. But your work in the shadows in the service of others has not always been seen. Yet without you, players would often find themselves without balls, keys or drinks for the third half. »

The time of deposit of his racket

Today, after 25 years of presidency and 18 years in the committee as treasurer, secretaries or vice-president, Renaud Fusenig lays down the racket and gives way to young people within the steering committee. The opportunity to ask for it once again for all these great years alongside the players. Renaud Fusenig, moved, was very sensitive to this gesture of recognition, especially since it came from the players. “If I had to do it again, I would do it again with great pleasure,” he said.

Mayor Gabriel Bastian, happy to share this moment with the players, recalled that at the beginning, the association was called Union of Understanding and Cultural Social Action. It later became the Theatrical Group and the famous “ping-pong club”, a section of the Union of Entente.

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