Schoolchildren from Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse go to the net with the Tennis club

No, it wasn’t the holidays yet, but some days the classroom was no longer the usual setting for classes. However, it is indeed a course but on a court. You guessed it, it’s an introduction to tennis to introduce this sport to students attending Duilhac. An initiative of the leaders of the Tennis club, well received by the teachers.

Thus, for a few weeks, the hand changes tools, it abandons the pencil or the pen for the racket. A racket with which the children showed ease in reproducing the gestures presented to them by the monitor, David Le Goff, assisted by Marie, their mistress. By discovering this sport, which seems to have seduced most children, perhaps talents will reveal themselves with the desire to continue this learning. If they wish, at the start of the next school year, the children can enlarge the staff of the tennis school which always ensures the best conditions for a good learning of the discipline, under the responsibility of a state-qualified instructor. So, maybe, see you next September with David Le Goff who continues to give the lessons.

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