Seven Commissions set up by Sidikou Karimou – Matin Libre

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The Executive Committee of the Beninese Handball Federation (Fbhb), continues its march towards the development of Beninese handball. Several appointments have been made public at the level of the seven commissions of the Fbhb.

The commissions of the Fbhb are now in place and we know a little more about the members who appear there. Proof that the Executive Committee of the Fbhb respects the letter, the statutes and regulations of the Beninese handball management body. Thus, by several decisions in particular, n°007/22/FBHB/SG/TG/DA/SA for the Women’s Handball and Social Affairs Commission (CHFAS), n°008/22/FBHB/SG/TG/DA/SA for the Commission for the promotion of youth handball (CPHJ), n°009/22/FBHB/SG/TG/DA/SA for the Regulations and Sanctions Commission (CRP), n°010/22/FBHB/SG/TG/ DA/SA for the Organizing Committee for Competitions (COC), n°011/22/FBHB/SG/TG/DA/SA for the Medical Commission (CM), n°012/22/FBHB/SG/TG/ DA/SA for the Security Commission (CS) and n°013/22/FBHB/SG/TG/DA/SA for the Communication and Sponsorship Commission (CCS), several handball players have been named. These various commissions set up will have the task of supporting the Executive Committee of the Fbhb in achieving its objectives.

Women’s Handball and Social Affairs Commission

President: Clarisse Hounzali Houngbédji

Members: Vodème Jeanette; Gnanda Leontine; Rahimy Kemi Sophiath; Aremou Haeratou

Commission for the promotion of youth handball

President: Jean Sodji

Members: Gnonlonfoun Aldo AF Régis; Amoussou Wilfried; Issifou Karim; Guy Kuajo

Rules and Penalties Commission

President: Sénou Albert

Members: Houngbo Alex; Fanou Angelo; Kouagou Camille; Tougan Marcel

Competition Organizing Committee

President: Guédou Fortuné Raoul

Members: Daguia Koudous; Fanou Gabin; Abdou Amidou; Bakpete Euphrasia

medical commission

President: Bello El Mouchid

Members: Vigan ST Narcisse; Balley OMO Vivienne; Claude Soglo; Houndjo Jules F.; Dassooundo Uriel

Security Committee

President: Aballo Karim

Members: Houenou de Dravo Parfait L.; Attignon Cosme; Modest Mele; Dakpogan Louise

Communication and sponsorship committee

President: Yarou S. Abdel Kader

Members: Houngnissi Baï Rosalie; Diallo Younouss; Wadjeto Sainclaire; Carole Adon


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