Skal International Côte d’Azur Speed ​​​​Business Review at Provençal Golf

The Skal International Côte d’Azur organized its second speed business of the year on June 14th. More than 60 members took part in these sessions in the bucolic setting of the Provençal Golf in Biot Sophia-Antipolis before meeting around a cocktail dinner at the initiative of President Nicolle Martin, in the presence of Alexandra Borchio Fontimp, Senator and President of the CRT Côte d’Azur.

Nicolle Martin, President of the Skal International Côte d’Azur gave a current update by checking the good trends in tourist numbers for this first part of the season. She also recalled that the club’s membership now exceeds 206 members, making it the second club in the world and the first in Europe.

She then gave the floor to Alexandra Borchio Fontimp, Senator and President of the CRT Côte d’Azur, who was inducted as an honorary member of the Skal International Côte d’Azur as 200e member of the Club.

Four new members were inducted during the evening:

Jacques Manuel Sun Cannes tourist residence sponsor Nicolle Martin

Isabelle Manuel Sun Cannes tourist residence Godfather Jacques Manuel

Romain Debray Hotel Moxy Sophia Antipolis godmother Nathalie Zafra

Ombretta Romiti Commercial Golf Provençal Sophia Antipolis sponsor Romain Debray

On the occasion of the cocktail dinner offered and served by the Provençal Golf teams,

Christine Giraudeau offered her famous Comte de Cheurlin champagne

The Saint Aix house served its AIX Rosé

Mimocella offered its liqueurs

Le Pâtissier chocolatier•By Chris K had his creations tasted

Cariviera will be present with a magnificent Audi Q3.

The Provençal Golf has also made its driving range available to participants with Top Tracer technology.

About Skal
The Skal is an international organization bringing together tourism professionals whose goal is to carry out projects of excellence and to support eco-compatible tourism.
The name, a symbol of the friendship which binds all members and which is expressed in the wish of the Scandinavian toast, is the acronym of the words Sundhet (Health), Karlek (Friendship), Alder (Long life) and Lycka (Happiness). ), values ​​on which the movement was founded.
The international Skal is present today in 102 countries, with 317 clubs and more than 12,290 members.
First European club and second world club, the Skal Côte d’Azur brings together 206 members in the Alpes-Maritimes department and constitutes a unique platform for connecting professionals in the hotel, catering and related sectors. (suppliers and service providers).
Its design: Do business with friends

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