SO tennis: good news

In May, do what you please… well, in principle, but on the 4th day of the French National 2 championships on the Séméac courts for women:

Istres Sports Tennis won 4/2 against our girls from Séméac Olympique Tennis. The Istréennes keep the head of hen C.

During day 5 (and the last) on Sunday May 29 Séméac, 3rd after 2 draws and a victory after the reception of Istres, 2nd in the classification of the national 2.

In detail the meetings:

Single 1: Jenifer Anger (ranked – 15) loses 7/6 3/6 2/6 against Pauline Payer (ranked – 15)

Single 2: Lucia Zelenka (ranked – 4/6) loses 7/5 6/1 against Manon Peral (ranked – 4/6)

Single 3: Emma-Lou Pommiers (ranked 0) wins 6/4 7/6 against Cécile Morin (ranked – 2/6)

Simple 4: Jennifer Denecheau (ranked 2/6) loses 6/1 6/3 against Maud Vigne (ranked – 2/6)

Double 1: Anger/Pommiers wins 6/4 6/1 against Payet/Vigne

Double 2: Zelenka/Azens loses 1/2 retirement against Peral/Morin.

In this month of June, SO tennis is taking part in the ladies’ criterium 2nd series at the Ligue d’Occitanie and on the grounds of the Stade Toulousain tennis, for the second time in a row:

Jenifer Anger classified – 15 (SO Tennis) wins the Occitanie 2nd series criterium, as for Emma Pommiers also from SO Tennis, classified 0 loses in 1/12 final against the n°43 Jade Suwrin who won it at 4/6.

Congratulations to the 2 girl members of Séméac Olympique Tennis. Jenifer Anger will participate in the French championship at Roland Garros from August 21 to 26, 2022.

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