Soon extended by ASVEL, Charles Kahudi will be at 100% in September-October

Photo credit: Sébastien Grasset

Forfeited for the end of the season following a knee injury, Charles Kahudi will be operational at the start of the school year, he announced in Le Progrès. The French international will extend to ASVEL to end his career there.

The picture was terrible. During the beautiful quarter-finals of the playoffs between ASVEL and Cholet, Charles Kahudi (1.99 m, 35 years old) injured his knee. The captain of TJ Parker’s team had to return to the locker room. In the process, his club announced that he would have to go on the operating table and that he would no longer play in the playoffs. But the injury is not as serious as one might have feared.

“The lateral ligament and the biceps femoris were affected but I’m doing very well, he explained to Progrès. It could have been the total, but it is an injury that can be treated well and from which we recover 100%. I’m lucky my body held out, and it’s been worth working the right way for so many years! I should be 100% around September-October. »

If he will be there at the start of the school year, it is because Charles Kahudi will extend, he who is at the end of his contract at ASVEL. At 35, “the man” intends to finish his career at Tony Parker’s club, which should allow him to retrain within it.

“I am very grateful to the club for giving me this opportunity and allowing me this longevity. I know it’s a chance to be part of the history of a club for 9 years. My family and I are very happy in Lyon. My daughters are real little Lyonnaises. »


June 22, 2022 at 11:34 am

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