Soul. The Sor Agout rugby school will be at the Stade de France

Friday, the Stade de France will be the scene of the final of the Top 14 opposing the CO to the MHR. A meeting awaited by all the Tarn people and their rugby lovers. CO fans? There is one more rugby club from Sor Agout, from Saïx-Soual. Last January, the educators of the U12 and U14 categories of the Tarn club had the idea of ​​a project: to attend the Top 14 final at the Stade de France. Far from suspecting that the CO will be there, Alain Ceresoli, the head of the rugby school, affirms with humor that “it’s very good”. “Very proud” of the project undertaken by the educators, the head of the club’s rugby school immediately supported the project, arguing that “it will be a memorable memory for the children”. Note that one of Sor Agout’s educators will already be on site. This is Yannick Caballero, trained at the club but also coach of the touch of the professional team of Castres Olympique.

Two buses will leave Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. from the Sor Agout club to take the 120 members of the Tarn club’s rugby school (including educators) to the youth hostel where they will stay a few kilometers from the Stade de France. Young shoots aged 11-12 will return on Saturday in the Tarn, while the U14s will give themselves an extra day in the Paris region.

A trip to 30,000 €

To organize this trip, the necessary funds had to be found: €30,000. “The educators managed themselves to quickly find the sum and pay most of the trip,” says Alain Ceresoli. They organized a raffle and approached generous partners. The association has come to make up the modest sum missing. The head of the U14 category Mathieu Babin would like to “thank all the sponsors who participated in the project kitty” and hopes that it will be “an unforgettable trip”.

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