Sports | Basket: Vincent Pourchot, “I receive messages from young people who do not take responsibility”

This weekend marked the closing of the Digne Basket Camp, a basketball camp for young players who wanted to perfect their mastery of the orange ball. And to mark the occasion, the Digne-les-Bains club wanted to mark the occasion by revealing and welcoming their new sponsor: Vincent Pourchot. Ex-resident of Tours (Pro B), the pivot is also known to be “France’s greatest basketball player“, from the top of his 2m22. Rudy Gobert is measured at 2m16 and the new nugget of French basketball Victor Wembanyama would reach 2m19.

In the Gilles de Gènes gymnasium in the spa town, Vincent Pourchot came to share his professional experience with young people by providing an hour of training, “with high-level requirements. But they seemed to be happy and they were motivated. The young people did well.“The few stragglers nevertheless had the right to additional “suicides” (understand races from one end of the field to the other, editor’s note).

At the same time, the original Messin returned to his commitment to the camp. “They contacted me on Instagram saying they were interested in being a sponsor. With the notoriety that I have, I have a few camps that solicit me. I do not regret having come because already, it’s basket! And the feeling went really well.“Especially for his post-career, Vincent Pourchot”would like to take over young teams as a coach so it also allows me to have a first foot in it.

Ex-resident of Tours (Pro B), the pivot is also known to be “the greatest French basketball player”, from the top of his 2m22.Adrian Pittore

Through his notoriety, Vincent Pourchot also wishes to fight against Alzheimer’s disease. The trigger took place when he lost his father, carried away by the disease. Since then, he has collaborated with the “Alzheimer Research Foundation” to raise funds for the benefit of the organization.

Committed, Vincent Pourchot is also committed to young people who suffer from discrimination. Him, the impressive pivot that we had nicknamed “the Nice Schrek”. During the two Covid years, the sportsman had fun multiplying the videos on Tiktok to raise awareness”of what I could do, the advantages, the disadvantages. I’ve been 2m22 since I was 19, I’m 30, and I’ve never suffered from it. The difference is that now I am recognized even when I am seated.

Since then, he has been helping others. “I receive messages from young people who don’t take responsibility because they are grown up, so I answer them kindly. Whether it’s showers you can’t fit in, airplanes, beds that are too small, I tell them it’s only a moment. And I help them find an activity where they can take care of themselves, basketing because they like it. Not because they are big.

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