Sports | Rugby Union: The Angles go up to Federal 2

In addition to the financial difficulties of certain clubs which are demoted, the game of musical chairs with battalions which refuse climbs is favorable to the Angles where a place has become available in Federal 2. The federation reinforced the English President Alain Sanciaume on Tuesday evening . “The answer was yes immediately. But I was waiting for confirmation in writing to talk about it”.

Even if the accession was not acquired on the ground during the final stages, it comes to reward the work of the whole season. “This climb is a little heart-warming because we had taken a big hit on the head. It was our No. 1 objective. It has been achieved”.

The club which had worked on the two scenarios for recruitment will be able to move forward. Following the stoppage of Christian Sanciaume for sporting and personal reasons, Joris Matheron will be associated with Jérémy Foissac, Thomas Gritti will complete the duo for the specific. For Team B Nicolas Hery and Jean-Philippe Piraube will be new partners. Adrian Ferrero takes charge of the physical preparation in place of Benjamin Aubert.

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