Sports | Rugby XV – Grill: “I myself had to suffer the violence in the behavior of Claude Atcher”

According to a survey by our colleagues from L’Equipe, “The working climate within the 2023 World Cup organizing committee is extremely degraded.“Member of the steering committee of the French Federation, at the head of the opposition, Florian Grill intends to raise the subject at the federal congress to be held in Marseilles next week.

We are going to ask the FFR for explanations on the management of human resources at France 2023, he told us. I remind you that the French Rugby Federation is a shareholder of the GIP (Public Interest Group), along with the State. Therefore, if there are indeed serious faults in management, this can have an impact on the image of our sport. While waiting to learn more, it is clear that I personally perceive the violence in the behavior of Claude Atcher (general manager of the organizing committee of the 2023 world cup)because I had to undergo it myself.

Florian Grill develops and affirms: “The facts go back at least four and a half years, during a steering committee of the French Rugby Federation during which I dared to ask for accounts on the relations between Score XV (finance company Claude Atcher) and the FFR. While Bernard Laporte had answered me: ‘We will see that during a next steering committee’ – which has never been the case – Claude Atcher, he had come to stick three centimeters from my nose for me say: ‘You look for me, you will find me.’ I didn’t unpack because I, too, am a rugby player. But it’s inappropriate in the context of our sport and it’s even more so in the mouth of a director of a public interest group. Similarly, during a more recent steering committee, he (Claude Atcher) got carried away, when I asked that France 2023 finance the bus-tours that the various regional leagues want to set up in order to support the development of our discipline in the context of the World Cup. I do not consider that we are led to speak like that in the steering committee. When you are the general manager of a public interest group, the form must be respected and when you are on the steering committee of a federation, respect is essential.

Claude Atcher remained unreachable.

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