Springbok Jantjies in turmoil after confession of extramarital affair

The fly-half has admitted committing adultery, but not with the Springbok dietitian. His wife is not angry with the South African federation; And the Japanese franchise wants to terminate its contract.

This is the story that has been making headlines in the South African tabloids for two weeks: the infidelity of which the Springboks’ opening half, Elton Jantjies (32 years old, 45 selections), went through the Pau section. Summoned to leave the South African group which was preparing its test match against Argentina for being guilty of an extramarital relationship. “Springbok management are aware of a relationship involving fly-half Elton Jantjies and team dietician Zeenat Simjee, which took place between Sabie’s training camp and the test match against Nova Scotia. Zeeland to Mbombela“On August 13, then communicated SA Rugby (the South African Federation).

The player apologized last Friday. While claiming that the dietitian of the world champions was not the person concerned! “Simjee was never with me in either of the two houses I stayed in, he claims. She is a good friend and nothing more. That his name is dragged through the mud in this way is a shame.“In a press release published on her side, Zeenat Simjee affirms that she was with her parents to face a family mourning the weekend in question. “Claimants that I spent time with Elton Jantjies at a boarding house are therefore bogus“, she writes, declaring herself”shocked” and “devastated» that a local newspaper could «publishing such damaging allegations based on false and baseless hearsay“. And what about the South African federation which did not hesitate to definitively accredit this thesis…

His wife, Iva, vilifies the South African federation

In his press release, Elton Jantjies obviously makes his mea culpa. “I am well aware that the press articles about my recent behavior have caused great disappointment and anger among many people, and I apologize unreservedly to anyone I have hurt or disappointed: my teammates, the management team of the Springboks and SA Rugby (the South African Federation, editor’s note)Jantjies wrote in a statement. Adding that he didn’t do justice to the Springbok jersey, a jersey I’ve revered since I was little. I betrayed myself, and I betrayed my family, and all rugby lovers in this country, and I deeply regret my actions. I take full responsibility for this and am determined to change my behavior.»

Words that did not calm the storm. The wife of the South African opener, with whom he had three children, came out of her silence with news24 to vilify… SA Rugby. In its press release, the South African Federation had indeed added these details: “no team protocols were breached but individuals are returning to South Africa to eliminate any distractions in the team’s preparations for the test against Argentina“. An ethical lightness that does not have more to Iva Jantjies. “ This is very concerning for all the wives of the South Africa players as none of us were aware that this behavior does not break any rules and is taken so lightly… It is very disappointing to the part of a Federation which is the title holder of the World Cup to allow situations like this to be created within the national team…»

Iva and Elton Jantjies instagram

In this interview, the scorned wife wonders if her relationship with the player, accelerated in 2014, will resist this. “We had ups and downs, like all other couples. I’ve always been there to support him in good times and bad, and I still am. When we met, he wasn’t even in the Boks squad. We have worked very hard for him to achieve his goals and dreams. I sacrificed so many things, including my career and my dreams.»

Kicked out by his Japanese franchise

Residing in Japan with her children, she has to face yet another consequence of this public unpacking. Faced with the scandal, the Japanese club Urayasu D-Rocks (second division) where Elton Jantjies plays, took the decision to put an end to his (juicy) contract. Iva may have written to them to implore them not to take action, according to the Japanese press, the managers of the franchise (operated by the commercial company NTT Sports X) only agreed to keep him until December, the end of of the school year in Japan. On this date, the Jantjies will have to leave the accommodation granted to them.


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