Squad, transfers and goals for the season

Finished in a fifth place full of hopes, the last season was that of the return to Europe for the Savoyards. Very successful in the home stretch to snatch the last qualifying place for a European competition, this will condition (at least) the start of the season for the club. Focus on the challenges of the Savoyard season and inventory of a workforce largely preserved compared to last season.

The results of Chambéry last season

With eight victories over the last nine days of last season and successes at Dunkirk, Rennes or Istres, Chambéry clinched fifth place just ahead of Nîmes. In a season without European competition, only a quarter-final loss against Chartres will have made it possible to change the championship for an ultimately disappointing elimination against an affordable opponent.

Perhaps back in its footsteps as a former team strengthened in the French championship and seasoned in European games, Chambéry has regained some of its former glory in the 2021/22 financial year.

Chambery’s squad for the 2022/23 season

With a workforce almost identical to that of the last season, the bet is that of continuity in Chambéry. If a rookie arrived in Savoie during the offseason, the Spanish pivot Iñaki Pecina, from Aix-en-Provence, the defensive field of the Savoyards could therefore be even more efficient with an imposing player who should be feared by opponents Savoyards.

Chambéry’s squad for the 2022/23 season:

Guardians: Harun Hodzic, Filip Ivic

Pivots/Defenders: Inaki Pecina, Hugo Brouzet, Pierre Paturel

Wingers: Queido Traore, Benjamin Richert, Antoine Tisot, Arthur Anquetil

Half-centers: Sebastien Skube, Jean-Loup Faustin

Rears: Alexandre Tritta, Alejandro Costoya, Iosu Goni Leoz, Gustavo Rodrigues

Chambéry Savoie: ambitions and ranking

If the ambitions of the Savoyards depend on the ability of Erick Mathé’s players to qualify for the group stage of their European competition, it is clear that qualifying again for the European Cup seems a real ambition for the next exercise. .

Chambéry’s calendar for the 2022/23 season

With an appointment which will take place very early in the season and the double confrontation against the Romanians of Constanta, the Savoyards will play part of their ambitions at the very beginning of September.

The dates for the start of the Chambéry season:

08/27 – 8 p.m.: EHF European League, Chambéry Savoie – Dobrogea Sud Constanta

03/09 – 4 p.m.: EHF European League, Dobrogea Sud Constanta – Chambéry Savoie

06/09 – 8 p.m.: French Cup, Dijon Burgundy – Chambéry Savoie

09/09 – 8:00 p.m.: LNH Starligue, HBC Nantes – Chambéry Savoie

Key matches in the league:

D3 – 09/24: Chambéry Savoie – Dunkirk HB

D5 – 07/10: Chambéry Savoie – Pays d’Aix UC

D8 – 04/11: Paris Saint-Germain Handball – Chambéry Savoie

D9 – 11/11: Chambéry Savoie – Montpellier Handball

D15 – 24/02: Chambéry Savoie – Dunkirk HB

D16 – 03/03: Chambéry Savoie – Paris Saint-Germain Handball

D25 – 21/04: UC Pays d’Aix – Chambéry Savoie

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