Stephen Curry in Paris for the 2024 Olympics? Evan Fournier takes the opportunity to place a new tackle

With a new title and above all a Finals MVP trophy, Stephen Curry an all or almost won. NBA champion, MVP, Finals MVP, world champion, he only needs one title: Olympic gold. In recent days it is a subject of discussion, that Steve Kerr put on the table right from the press conference after the title.

“No,” Steve Kerr retorted when asked if the Finals MVP trophy was the only pick Steph Curry was missing with a laugh. “He’s missing an Olympic gold medal and I really think he should focus on being on that Olympic team in 2024. That’s the last thing he’s missing. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. »

Grant Hill has also started recruiting and obviously Steph is thinking about it more and more. During the parade, he said:

“No, I’m not satisfied, because I have to go play for Coach Kerr in Paris in 2024,” said Stephen Curry. “But it wasn’t a ‘I’m going to do it.’ That’s just what he said (laughs). »

Evan Fournier, who can’t stomach the worries about the organization of the first round of the Olympic basketball tournament, where we still don’t know where it will take place (Lille has been proposed, but FIBA ​​doesn’t like it), put a good tackle to the Paris 2024 organizing committee.

“Steph who wants to come to Paris. But we will explain to him that the Paris 2024 Olympics are not in Paris because the basket is a “category 2” discipline. Haha well done guys!!! » Evan Fournier


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